Indie City Games April Meeting Part 2

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This event has passed.

The second part of our “April” meeting will be happening on May 10th! We have two talks, a post-mortem, an open mic and open play mingling lined up for you:

–Jamie Sanchez, web designer extraordinaire, will be giving a talk on building a brand and the visual design considerations that go into it!
–Hot on the heels of all that drama with, attorney Sam Castree will be joining us to give us a primer on video game IP law.
–Dan Fitzgerald will be giving us a post-mortem of Dawn of the Plow!
–Games open mic! Come show your latest indie masterpiece and talk at us for a few minutes.
–Open play / mingling! Walk around the room and play games that have been set up around the perimeter, or just gab with other developers until security kicks us out at 6.

Sign-up for the open mic will be during the first 10 minutes of the meeting and spots are limited, so if you have something you want to show, make sure you’re there on time and have your game ready to go on a USB stick! (Preferably a Windows build.)

Oh, also, we’ll be taking a lunch break sometime during the meeting, so don’t feel like you have to cram in a meal before arriving.

See y’all there!

Indie City Games April Meeting Part 2
May 10, 2014 12:00 pm
Indie City Games
April 26, 2014
Columbia College - 916 South Wabash, 1st floor auditorium