Indie City Arcade Game Submission

When we first built the Indie City Arcade cabinet we intended it to be a way for indie game developers to showcase their work in one of the coolest ways, on an arcade machine.

To fulfill this vision we are now allowing independent game developers to submit their games to us and if the games meet our requirements we’ll put it on the machine.

Technical and Design Requirements:

Must run on the Windows 7 Operating System.

Must default to a fullscreen mode when opened (and should be able to work at 1920×1080 resolution).

This means no resolution selector or graphics quality pop-ups. You launch the game and it runs fullscreen, that’s it. (Using Unity?)

Must be able to be closed with the ALT+F4  keyboard shortcut.

Game should be able to run idly for at least 24 hours (so no crazy memory leaks).

Must not crash, ever. (We will remove the game if it crashes once, and we won’t even tell you)

Must use keyboard and/or mouse controls.

Game designs should take into consideration the control layout.

Must not have any DRM.

Must not require an active internet connection to play.

Games should not be saving anything other than maybe a highscore list.

Games should be designed or modified for the arcade environment.

Stay away from mouse only menus and nothing that takes longer than can’t be played within 5 minutes.


The Indie City Arcade machine has a button layout as described below in this image:

If you notice all those labels, they’re the default control layout. You don’t have to use the default layout, but we prefer it since it’s less work for us.

With a custom layout  you can map the same keyboard button to multiple buttons on the arcade controller. This is especially useful if your game has only a few action buttons but you don’t want your player confused with such a wide array of possible buttons to choose from.

Also, the mouse, it’s a trackball, so keep that in mind.

Required Custom Assets

In addition to the game, we require you to create the assets for how the game is represented in the launcher on our machine.

First off, if you’re using a custom control layout, please provide us with a .TXT file that maps your controls to the default layout displayed above. Again, we’d rather you just use the default layout and you hardcoding the controls into you game.

Next, download this.

That’s an Adobe Photoshop file containing a template for menu screen background which is how your game is represented on the machine. Inside that template are a bunch of examples from games already on the machine on how the background image you’ll be creating should look.

Some Guidelines

The size of this image when exported should be 1920×1080. Be sure to take your game screenshot at this resolution if you can.

The title of the game should be aligned to the right of the screen.

If the background screenshot is a light color then use the black background for the info box.

The controller layout diagram should include action labels such as “JUMP” or “SHOOT” or “LEFT”.

If you’re only using the mouse then don’t include the joystick and button controls.

Once you’re done modifying the template for your game, export it as a 1920×1080 resolution PNG file.

Now take your game, put it in 1 folder, then take your exported image and .TXT file with control mappings (if you have a custom mapping), and put that in another folder.

Now ZIP that up into a single archive and upload  it somewhere (we use Dropbox for stuff like this).