My, how time flies. Has it really been that long since our last meeting? Well, let’s get to it, then: it’s time to find out what everyone has been up to, hear the hard-won lessons of developers who’ve recently released games, and learn about a neat new framework one of us has been developing!

  1. Post-mortems! Specifically, of Polymer from Whitaker Trebella and Organ Trail from The Men Who Wear Many Hats. EDIT: Lunar Giant will be joining us as well to post-mortem Mega Ran!
  2. Framework! Specifically, the StarlingPunk framework developed by our own Andy Saia for hardware-accelerated 2D games.
  3. Open mic! Get up and show off your newest project (or, alternatively, show off new progress on an old project).
  4. Also, Phil Tibitoski and Jake Elliot will talk about ChiDevDate, an ultralight matchmaking service for local developers to give each other feedback about projects.

The meeting begins at 1 PM and will last until 4:30 PM, but we’ll also be mingling and networking after the meeting, as per usual. To show off a game, make sure you bring your laptop. The meeting is at 243 S. Wabash on the 9th floor; RSVP on Facebook. We’ll see you there!